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We call YOUR attention to this photo album, which contains photos of arch buildings made of galvanized steel, intended for wide application - from storehouses and garages for a various sort of automobiles and aircrafts up to storage facilities and social objects, from production facilities up to trading - exhibition halls.

Arch buildings elements are produced by means of the modern AMERICAN equipment of "WSB" providing quality and high accuracy.

Standard complete set of delivery of a building includes:
- zinc-plated Metal structures of a building body, end face with a sliding gate and a deaf end face;
- a metal bed frame (by the CUSTOMERís request);
- The complete set of the zinc-plated hardware with weather seals for building assembly;
- liquid and band joint sealant for sealing-in all field joints;
- an entrance door with the lock and the complete set of keys;
- natural ventilation elements (venting outlets (exits), ventilating turbines, a ventilating louver);
- the building certificate;
- the requirements specification for the installation of the reinforced concrete basis;
- certificate of origin (for export sales).

Optionally by the CUSTOMERís request:
- cross and longitudinal partitions;- a lateral gate;
- face windows;
- light panels;
- hatches for grain loading and unloading;
- warehouse racks;
- fixing elements for heater and great deal of other accessories.

Complete or partial heat insulation by various materials is available at the discretion of the CUSTOMER, as well as high-quality internal furnish by modern materials. The standard building complete set does not require the CUSTOMER to invest additional funds for its erection.

Our enterprise provides delivery of building structures by automotive transport, railway or other. We execute assembly of our building, or we provide service on expert support. Assembly period for a building of 15x30 m. (a standard complete set) is of 15 days. Assembling site preparation requires minimum efforts and relating costs respectively.








B (bay wight), m.
Õ (height), m
Lenght, m

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